The McCreary County Record is covering Rand and the other potential Republican challengers to incumbent, Jim Bunning. Paul, who is set to announce his exploratory committee Thursday night, will join Secretary of State, Trey Grayson, who has already formed his own exploratory committee with Bunning’s blessing. Other names mentioned are Cathy Bailey, a former ambassador to Latvia and George W. Bush mega-fundraiser, David Williams, President of the State Senate, and State Senator, Alice Forgy Kerr.

In the article, Rand addressed Bunning and Grayson. To Bunning, Rand asked, “If you’re running and telling reporters it depends on how much money you raise, then why would you consider urging someone else like Trey Grayson to get in and start raising money?” He said Grayson “tells us Bunning is his mentor and then the next thing he does, he goes out and hires McConnell’s pollster.”

Rand has exactly what it takes to succeed in a competitive primary field. Bailey is tied closely to the Bush administration, Grayson may be the choice of the Republican establishment, and Williams has voted to raise taxes. Rand, on the other hand, is a successful doctor in the private sector, a political outsider, and a strict, fiscal conservative. And with an enormous grassroots following, he could easily blow past his own humble goal of $2 million for a primary battle.

Read the story here.

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