June 30th Campaign Update

Published on 30 June 2009 by admin in General News


On June 29th, donations to Rand Paul’s US Senate Exploratory committee surged past the $100,000 mark. No official fundraising events have even been held yet, but two “money bombs” organized by grassroots supporters have lifted the campaign beyond the amount needed to stay competitive in the race.

Donations of this level are especially remarkable considering that Dr. Paul is a first-time candidate and is not nearly as well known as some political heavyweights currently hosting fundraisers with their eyes on this senate seat. Even more remarkably, the donations came from over 1,200 regular people who nickle and dimed their way to an impressive showing for the second-quarter FEC report.

The enthusiasm for Rand’s campaign illustrates that his father’s presidential campaign was not just a flash in the pan, but merely the first wave of a rising tide for freedom in our nation. People are turning away from those who would sell principle for power and once again embracing true limited government philosophy as defended by the Constitution.

Dr. Paul had this to say in response to the day’s success: “Government continues to destabilize our economy and confiscate our wealth. Times are difficult for many of us. But this is precisely why we can’t afford to send more of the same to Washington. To begin restoring prosperity and freedom to our country, we need to elect people who will defend the Constitution against any kind of political pressure. It would be my honor to represent you in the United States Senate. This is a victory we can achieve together for the liberty movement. This is a race we can win, and I mean to win it!”

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