Rand Paul raises over a million dollars this quarter, surpassing all other candidates

BOWLING GREEN, KY - Ophthalmologist and Republican candidate for U.S. Senate Rand Paul announced today that he raised $1,010,668.56 from more than 13,000 individual contributors. Paul ended the quarter with $912,416.46 cash-on-hand.

Dr. Paul expects to raise more money than all other candidates from both parties this quarter. What makes this feat all the more astounding is that Dr. Paul is the only non-officeholder in the race, showing that 2010 could be the year for the political outsider.

Dr. Paul increased his fundraising by more than tenfold from the previous quarter, sending a clear message that he is a strong candidate for the Republican nomination. Contributions averaged around $75 and came primarily from small contributions not special interests.

“To say the least, we had an incredible quarter,” Dr. Paul said. “We raised more than $1,000,000 this quarter. Most importantly to me, however, is the fact that we raised it from more than 13,000 everyday folks who love their country and love our message of liberty. I couldn’t be more proud to fight for their ideals as we enter the campaign season. Our message of liberty and limited government is lighting a fire in the hearts and souls of true Republicans. I truly believe that our campaign is just getting started in terms of fundraising. I think our donor base will continue to expand in the coming months.”

Key facts about Dr. Rand Paul’s fundraising in the 3rd quarter:

Raised more than $1,000,000 for the quarter
Received contributions from more than 13,000 individuals
The average contribution to the campaign was less than $75.00
Raised more money in the 3rd quarter than any other candidate in the race from either party
99.98% of contributions were from individuals
99.7% of all money raised came from individuals
Dr. Paul is the only non-officeholder in the race from either party

Dr. Paul is an ophthalmologist from Bowling Green, Kentucky. He is running as a Republican for the United States Senate seat in Kentucky being vacated by Jim Bunning.

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