Recently, the Obama administration has come under fire for not acting fast enough on the current troop requests in Afghanistan, they’ve been accused of giving the Taliban time to regroup while slowly making their decisions.  Maybe the administration is confused, are we for or against the Taliban?

In a recent Fox News story, it has come to light that one of “the plans” is to pay off the Taliban! That’s right, we are going to create jobs for the Taliban - never mind we are running $1.75 trillion in the red this year alone and unemployment is over 11% in Kentucky. We are going to pay the Taliban to put down their weapons and promise them jobs. What are those in our government thinking? We are going broke as a country we can not afford to create jobs for the Taliban!

With unemployment sky rocketing and the economy stuck in a recession, I cannot for the life of me fathom creating jobs in Afghanistan for the Taliban. There is little doubt a great debate is needed on the direction, aim and goal of our foreign wars, and there is little doubt we need leadership with the courage to start the debate!

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