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Published on 31 January 2010 by admin in General News


Rand Paul’s early success as a U.S. Senate candidate has some pundits scratching their heads, but it shouldn’t really be that confusing.

Rand is the leading candidate from the Tea Party movement because he got involved early and has helped channel voter anger into a simple campaign message: follow the Constitution, get government out of the way, reduce the power given to career politicians, and balance the federal budget.

Rand Paul isn’t susceptible to threats or payoffs from establishment insiders because of his substantial grassroots support. When he says he wants the government to just leave us alone, he really means it.

The federal government should leave us alone to run our own economy. We don’t need bureaucrats to pick our winners and losers in business. When government meddles in commerce, the well-connected cronies come out ahead and the rest of us get left out in the cold.

Rand has been endorsed by Concerned Women for America because of his strong pro-life and pro-family views. Rather than cramming left-wing social views down our throats, the federal government should leave us alone.

Rand has been endorsed by Gun Owners of America because of his uncompromising support for the Second Amendment. Rather than claiming to protect us by taking our guns away, the federal government should leave us alone.

Few others besides Rand Paul could draw hundreds of people through a snow storm on a bitterly cold Saturday afternoon to hear his message of freedom. The environment is right for demanding real reform, the message is right, and Rand Paul is the right candidate to define a movement whose time has come.

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