Rand defines the movement

Published on 06 February 2010 by admin in General News


Friday morning on CNN, Rand Paul talked about the Tea Party movement and his role in it as a leading U.S. Senate candidate.

“The Tea Party movement is about reading the bills, it’s about constitutional government, but it’s not all about the name-calling. I see very little of the name-calling where I go,” Rand said. “I am socially conservative but on the stump I talk primarily about the deficit, out-of-control government, pork barrel spending, term limits, a balanced-budget amendment.”

The strength of the Tea Parties is their ability to bring people with minor differences of opinion together to save our nation from bankruptcy and continued moral decline. It’s no coincidence that this same convergence drives the growing success of Rand Paul’s U.S. Senate campaign in growing and strengthening the Republican party and galvanizing support for policies supporting freedom and prosperity.

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