Rasmussen: Rand leads big

Published on 04 February 2010 by admin in General News


A Rasmussen poll out Thursday shows Rand Paul beating Dan Mongiardo in November by 48% to 37% and Jack Conway by 47% to 39%. The poll did not show results for the primaries, but did show Rand with the highest “Very Favorable” rating of anyone in the race on either side.

“Rand’s Paul’s favorability rating is going up faster than the blood pressure of the professional politicians who are pulling every possible dirty trick to catch up with him. They keep losing to Rand in every poll because of his support for a strong national defense, balanced budgets, and term limits. It’s going to be very hard work to stop Obama and the Washington D.C. Democrats from bankrupting us. Kentuckians are coming to trust Rand Paul as the man who can get the job done.”

David Adams, campaign manager
Rand Paul for U.S. Senate

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