Truth bears repeating

Published on 14 February 2010 by in General News


The Lexington Herald Leader on Sunday picked up on the national excitement about Rand Paul’s U.S. Senate campaign in Kentucky.

The heavy media attention outside of Kentucky is not surprising, given that Paul is leading in some polls of the May 18 GOP primary, even though few Kentuckians knew of him a year ago, Paul campaign manager David Adams said.

“The opportunity for Kentuckians to elect a conservative who has built a successful campaign from grass-roots efforts and has picked up endorsements from national conservatives such as Sarah Palin is national news,” Adams said.

The only bone we might pick with the Herald Leader story is that Rand has lead every independent poll in the race since last fall, not just “some” of them. Rand’s pro-life, balanced budget, strong national defense, and government reform agenda continues to gain support across Kentucky. The message is spreading despite all manner of opposition taking aim directly at Rand Paul for daring to challenge the established order.

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