Jim Bunning has an op-ed in USA Today that explains his recent objection in the Senate not to extending unemployment benefits, but because the Senate refused to pay for it without adding to the deficit despite having passed “Pay-as-you-go” rules. Rand Paul agrees with Senator Bunning that this should have and could have been paid for without adding to the deficit.

Below is an excerpt from the story. The entire article is on USA Today’s web site here

By Jim Bunning

I have been serving the citizens of Kentucky for nearly 24 years in Washington. During that time I have been a member of both the House of Representatives and the United States Senate. I have taken thousands of votes in relation to spending the taxpayers’ money. I will be the first one to admit that I have cast some bad votes during my tenure, and I wish I could have some of them back. For too long, both Republicans and Democrats have treated the taxpayers’ money as a slush fund that does not ever end. At some point, the madness has to stop.

Over a month ago, Democrats passed and President Obama signed into law the “Pay-Go” legislation. It calls on Congress to pay for bills by not adding to our debt. It sounds like a common sense tool that would rein in government spending. Unfortunately, Pay-Go is a paper tiger. It has no teeth. I did not vote for the Democrats’ Pay-Go legislation because I knew it was just a political dog-and-pony show to get some good press after some political setbacks. Since the Pay-Go rule was enacted, the national debt has gone up $244,992,297,448.11 (as of Wednesday, that is).

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