Rand Paul across Kentucky

Published on 04 March 2010 by admin in General News


The last five campaign contributions received this morning on RandPaul2010.com show the depth and breadth of acceptance for Rand Paul’s strong reform message. A student in Louisville donated $2, followed by an engineer in Nippa who gave $30, a business leader in Jefferson County gave $30, and a sales rep in Lexington gave $50. A physician in Paducah added $250 to draw a line of support across the state in a matter of minutes.

That’s five people from all over Kentucky contributing $362 to help buy campaign materials, advertising, and gasoline so Rand can get his message out supporting smaller government, lower taxes, balanced budgets, term limits, conservative social values, and strong national defense.

The career politicians who control Washington D.C. now won’t give up without a huge fight, but Kentuckians who understand how and why our nation has been so richly blessed are reaching into their pockets to help a candidate for the first time in their lives.

Together, we will be ready for that fight.

The political establishment is terrified that you and your friends are motivated enough to contribute what you can and to encourage others to do the same. Your support, efforts, and prayers keep Rand going when the going gets tough. Thank you.

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