Great Response in Louisville

Published on 15 May 2010 by Jesse in General News


This past Thursday, Rand spent the day barnstorming through Louisville- and what a reception it was!

First, he spent an hour with WHAS host Many Connell.   Rand talked about his plans for Term Limits, a balanced budget and a strong national defense.   During the appearance, Dr. Dobsons radio commercial endorsing Rand was playing as he waited for the next segment!  A great show and appearance by Rand.

Throughout the day, Louisville media were clamoring for a shot at Rand.  By the end of the day, he had appeared on all four Louisville TV networks, WHAS radio, and had done interviews with the Courier Journal, the Associated Press, the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and the LA Times, all of whom run national political stories.   To top it all off, Rand was on the front page of the Washington Post, A1 above the fold!

The eyes of the Commonwealth, and indeed the nation, are on the Rand Paul campaign right now.   Will Kentucky buck the entire establishment and give Rand and his Tea Party message the nominations?   We sure think so!

To cap the day off, John E’s in Louisville was absolutely packed to overflowing to hear Rand speak to the Louisville Tea Party, who have endorse Rand.
The teaming Tea Partiers were a boisterous and happy crowd, and they were not disappointed.   Rand gave a remarkable and rousing speech about where this campaign came from, and what it means.

As we near the end of the campaign, days like Thursday in Louisville really show how far this campaign has come, and what it means to so many people.
On to victory on Tuesday!

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