Bowling Green, Kentucky – Dr. Rand Paul has gained the support of Sheriffs from all over the state of Kentucky.

A group of sheriffs from a number of counties throughout Kentucky, primarily from the Eastern part of the state, have come out in public support of Rand Paul’s candidacy for U.S. Senate.

“The issues facing our citizens in today’s society are complex and require a person with forward thinking abilities who is not afraid to say our current system is not working for the good of all Kentuckians,” said Todd Wood, Sheriff of Pulaski County. “A man who is willing to look beyond and challenge the status quo. A man who will address the important issues, foster an environment which seeks and accepts new ideas and works hard to find the appropriate solutions to the issues we face in Eastern Kentucky.”

“I am confident that Rand Paul has the fortitude, commitment and capabilities to best lead Kentucky as our next United States Senator,” Wood continued.

The group of county sheriffs publicly declaring their support for Dr. Paul includes:

Todd Wood, Pulaski County

Gus Skinner, McCreary County

James Pruett, Cumberland County

Kevin Johnson, Clay County

Ricky Riddle, Clinton County

Chuck Korzenborn, Kenton County

Mike Helmig, Boone County

Colan Harrell, Whitley County Sheriff-Elect

John Root, Laurel County Sheriff-Elect

Ralph Curry, Adair County

“We are proud to have the support of these Kentucky sheriffs lining up behind Rand Paul,” said campaign manager Jesse Benton. “Dr. Paul will always work with law enforcement to provide them the most effective tools they need to keep Kentucky safe, and these leaders know it.”

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