President Obama, Nancy Pelosi and the Washington liberal establishment are going after workers’ right to a private union ballot.

The proposed Employee Free Choice Act, also called “card check”, is being pushed in Congress. This bill would prohibit workers from having the freedom to privately cast a ballot for or against unionization in their workplace. It forces workers to sign a card in public, leaving them open to intimidation and coercion.  Such legislation is unfair to workers, and would be a disaster for small businesses.  This scheme by the liberal crowd in Washington, much like Cap and Trade and Obamacare, would cost Kentucky families dearly in much-needed jobs and job opportunities in the midst of a weak economy.

Rand Paul opposes so-called card check legislation and would help lead the fight to protect workers’ right to a secret ballot.

Where is Jack Conway?

Why doesn’t he stand up for workers? Why isn’t he on the right side of this issue?

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