WASHINGTON, D.C. – The United States Senate tonight voted on a motion to proceed with Sen. Rand Paul’s balanced budget plan, which he introduced as a privileged resolution last week. (Click here to view the budget in its entirety)

The only Senate budget plan that follows the guidelines set forth in the Balanced Budget Amendment to balance in five years – a goal supported by all 47 Senate Republicans – would also result in a $19 billion surplus upon balancing, and does so without raising any taxes or changing Social Security or Medicare during the budget window. It also maintains funding for the Department of Veterans Affairs and overseas military operation at the President’s requested levels.

Sen. Paul issued this statement following the outcome of the vote, which failed 7-90:

“I am heartily disconcerted by the inability of some of my colleagues to see how dire our nation’s current fiscal situation is. In order to defeat our mounting national debt and balance the budget, bold action must be taken to make cuts and rein in spending. We cannot continue down this path and I will do all I can to turn our country around.”

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