WASHINGTON, D.C. – On Friday, the U.S. House of Representatives passed a resolution calling on President Barack Obama to explain to the American people his decision to engage the U.S. military in the ongoing NATO mission in Libya without Congressional authority.

On March 18, Sen. Rand Paul and five Senate colleagues sent a letter to President Obama outlining the actions taken by the President pursuant to the War Powers Act and questioning whether he would comply with the requirements to terminate use of U.S. armed forces in Libya within the statutory 60-day period, which expired Friday, May 20. This request has yet received a response.

Repeated calls for the President to explain his decision to ignore the Constitution and continue to commit our military without Congressional approval have gone unanswered.

“As days turn into weeks and months, Americans are left wondering why their president refuses to answer the collective calls concerning the use of U.S. armed forces in Libya,” Sen. Paul said today. “The House of Representatives’ recent bipartisan resolution serves as another reminder of this – and it is long overdue that the Senate should take up the issue as well. Issuing a strong message to the President underlining his necessity to answer to the Legislative Branch – and the nation it represents – is the least we can do. If the president chooses to ignore his responsibility to the American people, it is our duty to enforce accountability.”

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