Senator Paul penned an op-ed in today’s Roll Call newspaper outlining the importance of tackling the debt ceiling and balancing the budget.

Paul: Senate Leadership Must Focus on Debt Ceiling
By Sen. Rand Paul
Special to Roll Call
July 7, 2011, Midnight

“At the demand of Senate Republicans, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) canceled the scheduled Independence Day recess to address the impending debt crisis that is threatening the future of our economy.

Reid justified his actions by stating that the chamber has “work to do.” According to him, this recess was canceled to discuss the debt ceiling, yet I am now under the impression that this session has been scheduled for antics rather than legislative discussion and debates on the debt ceiling.

After announcing the postponement of the recess because of the economic emergency, the Democratic leadership promptly scheduled discussion of a Libya resolution — a debate that should’ve taken place 90 days ago…”

To read the entire article click HERE

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