Offers to vote for Sen. Reid’s debt ceiling plan with Balanced Budget Amendment attached

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Tea Party Republicans are proving once again they are not the ones holding up compromise in Washington this weekend. This afternoon, Sen. Rand Paul attempted to offer a simple amendment to Senate Democrat Leader Harry Reid’s debt ceiling plan: to add a condition that it not be raised until passage of a real Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution.

Sen. Paul’s amendment was objected to by Senate Democrats, proving their lack of seriousness about dealing with our debt problem.

“I remain willing to negotiate with Senator Reid and the President,” Sen. Paul said. “I am willing to give the President what he wants: a debt ceiling increase through the election so he can be free to run for office without being inconvenienced. I am willing to use the short-term deficit cutting numbers that Senator Reid has proposed in his plan, with one addition:  a long-term solution to our debt problem.

“Senate Democrats are now holding up compromise on the debt ceiling not over how much to raise it, and not over what or where to cut. They are holding up the debt ceiling simply because they will not agree to a Balanced Budget Amendment.”

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