WASHINGTON, D.C. – Earlier today the Cut, Cap and Balance Act failed to pass the Senate on a procedural vote of 51-46 - a day after a CNN poll found two-thirds of the American people support the bill. Determined to balance our budget, Sen. Paul continued to push for the bill’s passage after it was recently announced that there will be another vote held next week. Sen. Paul issued the following statement:

“A vote next week on the Cut, Cap and Balance Act will give the Senate yet another opportunity to put an end to Big Government’s reckless spending and defeat our debt crisis.

“We are only four votes away from solving this debt crisis. All we need are four Senate Democrats to join all 47 Republican Senators and a countless number of Americans who are concerned about our nation’s debt. If just four of the 11 Democrats who voted earlier this year on a resolution calling for a Balanced Budget Amendment now vote for Cut, Cap and Balance, it would pass. If President Obama were to support this historic and much-needed bill, we would have averted this debt crisis he made worse.

“Passing Cut, Cap and Balance is so important because it is the only bill that solves the debt crisis, keeps our triple A rating, and can pass before the Aug. 2 deadline. Everything else being proposed right now is nothing more than a press release and a bunch of promises waiting to be broken.

“If four Senate Democrats who claim to want to balance the budget heed the calls of the American people to balance our budget and seriously address our debt problem, they will reconsider their votes and support the Cut, Cap and Balance Act.”

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