BOWLING GREEN, Ky. - Yesterday, September 23, Dr. Rand Paul made a couple of stops during his trip to Louisville, Ky. to hear from local residents on issues involving kids and education.

Dr. Paul attended a private meeting with a group of pastors led by local school choice advocate Pastor Jerry Stevenson, and concerned parents and grandparents in Louisville’s west end. The group discussed concerns about the education system and ways to find solutions to the problems faced in their area, which like many disadvantaged areas has continued to struggle under current education policies.

Later, Dr. Paul took a tour of the Neighborhood House in the Portland section of Louisville. The Neighborhood House is a community-based organization located in one of Louisville’s most economically disadvantaged communities. It provides programs and services for community members ranging from newborns to seniors, focusing on educational enhancement, civic responsibilities, cultural enrichment, health promotions, social skills development, employment opportunity and training. One of its main purposes is providing local children with a safe environment during after-school hours to study and participate in positive activities.

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