BOWLING GREEN, KY – In response to Trey Grayson’s third attack ad in three days, the Rand Paul campaign issued the following statement:

As Trey Grayson falls further behind and his campaign flounders, he continues to desperately and negatively attack Rand Paul with distortions and outright lies.

There is no candidate who stands for a stronger national defense than Rand Paul.

Dr. Paul has clearly stated that the most important function of the federal government is national defense. Rand supports robust funding for our military. Under Dr. Paul’s vision, the percentage of our federal budget spent on national defense would increase.

Dr. Paul supports keeping enemy combatants at Guantanamo and never bringing them to American soil. He supports military tribunals and not civilian trials for detainees. He would end visas that allow terrorists to come to our country with our permission.

In addition, Rand Paul would do something very few politicians have tried to do in recent years in matters of war and defense: uphold what our Constitution dictates. According to our Constitution, the United States should go to war only when Congress declares war. When our national security is threatened, Dr. Paul would not hesitate to authorize swift military action to destroy the threat, and he has clearly stated he would have done so in Afghanistan.

Additionally, Rand has clearly stated that once war is underway, how we wage war is up to our generals and the President. It is Congress’ job to decide whether or not the threat requires war. It is our commander-in-chief’s and military’s job to win it.

Do we really want 535 busybody career politicians trying to micromanage the military?

In a way, Trey Grayson is right. But not in the way he thinks: There is a difference between Rand Paul and Trey Grayson. Only Rand Paul will both protect our country and uphold our Constitution.

As the son of a veteran, Dr. Paul finds these attacks on his positions disgraceful. Dr. Paul is proud of the United States military and knows that they are the greatest fighting force in the world and that without them, we would not have the freedoms we enjoy today.

Because of that, Rand will fight to make sure that our brave fighting men and women are allowed to do their job and protect America .

Because our brave men and women in the military are sworn to protect our county, Dr. Paul will make sure they can do their job. They shouldn’t be forced to be a police force for foreign lands. They should not be forced to buy guns from our enemies; they should be allowed to take them. That’s what they are asking to do.

Dr. Paul, like President Bush when he was running for office, will oppose reckless “nation building” or burdening our troops by making them the world’s police force.

And, Dr. Paul will never allow United States troops to serve under the command of the United Nations.

Dr. Paul believes there is room to cut waste from all budgets. If Trey Grayson doesn’t believe that, why is he running for office right now, when Americans across the nation are crying out for cutting out waste, fraud and reckless spending?

One particular area Rand will target is the billions of dollars we waste on foreign aid. It is a shame that Trey Grayson is not serious about balancing budgets and refuses to take a hard look at where we can save taxpayer dollars in all aspects of federal spending, while still protecting our country and taking care of our fighting men and women.

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