Federal bailouts reward inefficient and corrupt management, rob taxpayers, hurt smaller and more responsible private firms, exacerbate our budget problems, explode national debt, and destroy our US Dollar. Even more importantly, any bailout of private industry is in direct violation of the constitution. It is a transfer of wealth from those who have earned to those who have squandered. The federal government has overstepped its enumerated powers as stipulated in the supreme law of the land.

Dr. Paul opposes all federal bailouts of private industry. He strongly criticized the $700 billion bank bailout, AIG bailouts, and auto bailouts, as well as the trillions of dollars the Federal Reserve have printed to fund the subsidization of bad business.

Rand Paul would vote to oppose any and all federal bailouts. Instead, he will fight to balance the budget, pay down national debt, restore the value of the Dollar, and allow the responsible to replace the reckless in the marketplace. America is the land of opportunity, to succeed and to fail. It’s time our government starts promoting responsibility.