The defense of our country is the most important duty of our federal government. The men and women of our armed services deserve to be treated like the heroes that they are. Those willing to put their lives on the line in defense of freedom deserve a government that lives up to their promise to take care of them when they get home.

In order to keep our promises, Rand proposes balancing the budget and making national defense a bigger percentage of a fiscally sane budget. Dr. Paul will demand that the care of our veterans be a top priority by:

• Ensuring the VA provide affordable care and treatment
• Providing employers a tax credit to hire veterans;
• Restoring health coverage to retired vets;
• Providing all necessary medical treatments to veterans; and,
• Ending the outrageous requirement that veterans must sacrifice their retirement pay in order to receive VA disability benefits.

These objectives can only be achieved if the federal budget is brought under control and weighted to reflect the actual and critical powers and responsibilities of the Federal Government. Our chief responsibility, to provide for the common defense, can only be fulfilled by cutting out the waste in our budget to make room for our heroes. No other group of federal employees is subject to such unfair treatment as our service men and women; and no other deserves the best.