Excessive spending, borrowing, and printing money are agents of debt that are bankrupting this nation and drowning our Dollar. The Federal Government is running back-breaking budget deficits, amassing crippling debt, and borrowing trillions of dollars from the Chinese to finance its extravagance. Meanwhile, the Federal Reserve, an unelected group of private bankers, is printing trillions of dollars to bail out private industry, purchase government debt, and flood the market with cheap credit.

Every dollar we spend today is mortgaged on the labor of the American worker and his or her posterity. And every dollar we print to service our debt, reduces the value of the money in your pocket. If disastrous fiscal and monetary policies continue, we will burden our children and grandchildren with unimaginable debt, leading to higher taxes, servitude to foreign governments, and destruction of our Dollar.

Dr. Rand Paul proposes balanced budgets and paying down our national debt before it’s too late. He advocates a return to a respect for the value of savings, production, and investment. Dr. Paul will demand far greater transparency and accountability from the Federal Reserve, whose monetary policy has devalued our Dollar by approximately 95% since its inception in 1913. By restoring fiscal responsibility and honest monetary policy, we can regain our financial independence from China and other foreign lenders.

Rand will fight to strengthen the value of our Dollar so our purchasing power is not destroyed by the sneakiest tax of all: inflation.