Republicans have been much more vocal than Democrats in their support of low taxes and reduced spending. However, while lowering taxes, they dramatically increased federal spending, doubling the national debt during the last administration. They were unable to balance the budget a single year they were in charge under the previous administration. Getting only half of the equation right just isn’t good enough.

Lowering taxes certainly benefits all of us. It gives working men and women the ability to take control of their own lives. It allows business owners to invest in their companies, pay their employees, and create new jobs. Lower taxes encourages spending, saving, and investing – all necessary for a healthy economy.

With our national debt over 11 trillion dollars, the deficit spending by Washington DC continues to mortgage fruits of our future labor to fund federal programs we don’t need and cannot afford. Rand Paul would fight to balance the budget and dramatically reduce spending, before further interest on our debt requires government to reach deeper into our pockets and into our children’s piggy bank.

We need representatives committed to cutting spending, balancing the budget, lowering taxes, and staying loyal to their word.