The United Nations has not lived up to its charter. It has not fostered peace, tolerance and economic progress around the world. Instead, it has become a forum for dictators like Hugo Chavez of Venezuela and Muamar el Gadafi of Libya to insult the United States. That is a striking development, considering that American taxpayers contribute about a quarter or well over $5 billion toward the U.N.’s annual budget.

The United States should insist that the funding of the U.N. as a whole becomes voluntary. Voluntary contributions will show the level of commitment of individual member states to the U.N.’s success.

Moreover, I believe that the United States should withdraw from and stop funding altogether those U.N. programs that undermine legitimate American interests and harm the cause of freedom around the world. For example, some of the countries on the U.N. Human Rights Council, like Angola, China, Cuba and Saudi Arabia, have appalling human rights records. The United States’ participation in the UNHRC gives that organization moral clout that the UNHCR does not deserve.