Setting the Record Straight on Medicare and Social Security

My career politician opponent is trying to scare seniors about Medicare and Social Security.

Let me be clear: I oppose raising the deductible for anyone currently receiving Medicare. I oppose raising the Social Security retirement age for those nearing retirement. I oppose any cuts in benefits for seniors and those nearing retirement. As a physician, I understand that millions of Americans depend on these programs and we must keep our promises to them.

Wasteful spending by decades of career politicians in Washington has drained the Social Security and Medicare trust funds. The combination of that massive debt, fewer active workers, and more retirees is pushing Social Security and Medicare to the brink of bankruptcy. In fact, for the first time in the program’s history, this year Social Security will pay out more in benefits than is paid in by workers. Part of Medicare reached that same troubling milestone several years ago.

So while we must keep our promises to seniors, we also cannot stick our heads in the sand. Career politicians continue to promise everything to everyone and attack anyone who says we need to be proactive about these problems and fix the system for future generations.

Unlike pandering politicians, I will speak the truth. I am not afraid to start a bipartisan, adult discussion of practical and realistic changes to Social Security and Medicare that must take place if we expect the programs to continue for our children and grandchildren.

Any changes would only apply to younger Americans who have time to plan for the future. The alternative is a bankrupt entitlement system that will take care of no one.