Rand earns new praise

Published on 27 April 2010 by admin in General News


Rand Paul has had an interesting week in the Louisville Courier Journal. On Sunday’s editorial page, the paper tried to endorse Rand’s opponent but couldn’t, calling the opponent “physically and mentally dazed” by the effort to distance himself from his reputation in Frankfort as a moderate. The editors tried to attack Rand for his ideas, but wound up with a pretty decent description which they later tried to equate, of course, to racism:

“Dr. Paul describes himself not as a Libertarian, but rather a “constitutional conservative.” As such, he favors stripping away a lot of the actions of the federal government in the last eight decades. And he includes both Democrats and Republicans in his criticism of excessive spending and expansion of government. He would favor dismantling several federal departments including Commerce, Education and perhaps Agriculture.”

And then on Tuesday, columnist John David Dyche took Rand’s opponent to task for his bizarre television advertisement criticizing Rand for supporting Social Security reform, saying the opponent was in denial and calling Rand’s position courageous.

Just three weeks from the May 18 election, things keep looking better for Rand Paul.

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